Modern Irish Language and Culture

Gaelic and Gaelic Culture
This University of North Carolina site on all three Gaelic languages (Scottish, Irish and Manx) is maintained by Seán Ó Míadhacháin, and Godfrey Nolan, and is in part the work of Alaina Hardie. It’s one of the best places for information on things Celtic, and has lots of information on Gaelic and Gaelic culture. There is also an an associated ftp site at ftp Log in as ftp. The ftp directory to start looking at is /pub/academic/languages/gaelic and the INDEX
lists the files.
John T. McCranie’s Gaelic site
This is an excellent starting place for information on Irish Gaelic and related subjects. Searchable and cross-referenced dictionaries for Irish, Manx, and Scottish Gaelic. A file listing bookstores that carry Irish language books, both in the US and abroad. There’s even a short paper delving into some of the mysteries of Irish verb endings “Verb Suffixes in Irish.” You can use the URL-minder to let you know when John T. McCranie adds items of Gaelic interest.
Murphy’s Twisty Little Maze of Irish and Celtic Thingies
This is the very first site I ever saw on things Celtic, and it is still one of my favorites. It’s one of the best maintained, and it has some really interesting links to astronomy sites, as well as all the usual cultural categories.
Irish History
This is a well maintained and easy to navigate site by Jacqueline Dana with lots of information.
Mayo History and Museums
A well organized site with information about the history and the museums of County Mayo in the west of Ireland. This is one of the most beautiful, and richest areas in terms of ancient sites.
Gaelic Language
Nancy Stenson’s exercises to accompany Ó Siadhail for use
in beginning Irish classes at the University of Minnesota.
Interactive Irish
Language Lessons
This site has lessons with audio.
Focal an Lae
This site, created by Dennis King, is principally an archive site for the Irish Word a Day mailing list (see Lists), but it’s one of my favorite Irish language sites. It’s chock full of resources, including a bibliography of books for beginning learners and a timeline of the Irish language, various common phrases in Irish Gaelic, and a brief guide to spelling and pronounciation of modern Gaelic, among many other features. It uses frames, so I’m not going to link to individual pages, just look for his “Features” list.
Cuirt an Mheadhon Oidhche–The Midnight Court le (by) Brian Merriman
Cuirt an Mheadhon Oidhche is presented in both Irish and English. It is edited and Translated into English by Noel Fahey, and very much worth the reading. It’s a witty, sexy, and delightful tale of mortals, love, sex, death, and the fey.

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