Medieval Manuscripts

Until I have time to properly update this page, you might want to look at my list of very briefly annotated URLs for digital manuscript editions. You can see the page here, or subscribe to an RSS feed. I’m only listing complete editions, and I’m emphasizing Celtic and English mss., and Books of Hours, since those are my primary interests. That said, I’m more than willing to add other manuscripts. I simply am not likely to know about those outside my field.

Medieval Manuscripts in General
The History of Books and Printing
Bruce Jones’ site is a good introduction to the early history of the book, beginning with manuscripts, adn continuing through the early printed book in the age of cold type.

Courtauld Research Centre for Iluminated Manuscripts
The purpose of the Centre is to provide focus and resources for research into all aspects of illuminated manuscripts. The Centre is directed by a small group comprising members of the academic and curatorial staff of institutions in London: John Lowden and Susie Nash at the Courtauld Institute, Michelle Brown and Scot McKendrick at the British Library, and Rowan Watson at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Medieval Manuscripts: General Introduction
Heather Rigg wrote this introduction to medieval manuscript production for the Utah Museum of Fine Arts.

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