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Mac-Faces-Logo I started using a Mac in 1989. I’ve used a lot of other OSs, but I really favor Apple’s ecosystem.

These are Apple, iOS and macOS news sites that I think are worth following.


Apple Support
Here is Apple’s own tech support information site. It includes links to the latest info about patches, upgrades, and system software.
MacInTouch Home Page
Ric Ford is a Macintosh consultant, and the author of the no longer extant MacInTouch column in Macweek, as well as the creator of this must-read-daily site with up-to-the-minute Macintosh news and technical information.
MacSurfer is a curated, organized, and annotated list of of links to the very latest news about the Mac from all over. It’s updated frequently.
Take Control Books
I can’t say enough good things about Take Control Books. These are well-written, well-organized ebooks about using your Mac, macOS, iOS, and the applications you’re most likely to use.
Adam and Tonya Engst, and their staff, have been writing books about all things Mac and all thing Internet for several years, but TidBITS was their first effort. TidBITS is one of the best sources of information about Apple, Macs, iOS and OS X, and everyone should read it.


I sometimes write about Apple, macOS and iOS, and hardware and software:

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