Gaulish Language
This page, from an excellent site on Indo-European langauges, discusses Gaulish in the context of the Indo-European and Celtic language groups. It includes a Gaulish Glossary compiled from a variety of printed sources.

Corpus of Gaulish inscriptions by Christopher Gwinn.
This is the best Gaulish site on the net.

Garrett Olmsead’s Reconstruction of the Coligny calendar
You should also look at Christopher Gwinn’s calendar page.

Romans in Gaul
A useful “webliography” of resources related to Romans in Gaul compiled by Dr. Janice Siegel for a teachers’ workshop at Temple University in November 2001.

The Geography of Roman Gaul
Ralph W. Mathisen, a Professor of Humanities in the History department at the University of South Crolina has created a web front end to a database of Gaulish place names.

Iberian Epigraphy
Jesús Rodríguez Ramos has an interesting page on Iberian, which is not a Celtic langauge, though it is sometimes mistakenly taken for one because of the related Celtiberian.

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