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You might want to also take a look at the Celtic Archaeology page, and the Celtic Web Art page.

Celtic Art and Cultures
This University of North Carolina site was created for the Art History course “Celtic Art and Cultures” (Art 111) at offered at UNC in the Fall semester, 1998, and taught by Dorothy Ververk.


Celtic Knots


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Celtic Jewelry Store
Barbara Meihuizen has lovely hand made jewelry featuring Celtic designs in silver and gold. Take a look, you’ll find them quite tempting.


The Celtic Coin Index
The Celtic Coin Index pages are maintained by Philip de Jersey, and he presents a wealth of information, including over 200 images, about Celtic coins. Even if you aren’t a coin collector, you should take a look. The art work is often gorgeous, and there’s a surprising amount of cultural and historic information revealed by ancient coins.


Kernunnos Celtic Coin site
Beautiful images of ancient Celtic coins, with commentary about the cultural data they convey.


Medieval Celtic Manuscripts
Medieval manuscripts are an important part of Celtic art;
the Book of Kells is the most
famous, but there are others that are extraordinary as well. And don’t overlook the beauty of Celtic calligraphy for your computer in the form of fonts.

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