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I frequently have visitors to my site ask me where to buy books about Celtic studies, and what books they should look for. So I started first listing books by category and subject on my site then built this Amazon store. These are not exhaustive lists, by any means. I’ve tried to list standard sources that are relatively easy to find and well-respected. Every book here that is specifically Celtic in scope is by an author who reads at least one of the Celtic languages. I’ve also listed Fantasy and SF books using Celtic mythology as inspiration. The books in the Celtic Studies category are books that are regarded as standard texts, and that I personally recommend. The items linked here are all affiliate links; if you buy something from any of these links, I receive a tiny percentage of the price, which helps defray the costs of running this site.

Celtic Studies Starter Kit
Celtic Studies Ebooks: Kindle, iBooks, and Kobo
The Book of Kells Store
Medieval & Celtic Coloring Books
Celtic Cultural Histories
Celtic Mythology in English
Medieval Irish Literature
Medieval Welsh Literature
Celtic Arthurian Studies
Celtic Languages
Medieval and Celtic Art
Medieval Manuscripts
Celtic Music
Fairy Folklore and Mythology
Celtic Inspired Science Fiction and Fantasy
Pen, Pencil, Ink and Paper
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