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    Weblog Roundtable at Kalamazoo 2006

    Shana Worthen did an excellent job of moderating the roundtable discussion, with fellow bloggers Elisabeth Carnell, Michael Drout, Richard Nokes, Michael Tinkler, Alison Tara Walker, (the moderator of the Medieval Studies Community), and me, as participants in a discussion that ranged over why we started blogging, why we blog now, what blogging offers that other forms of online interaction don’t, why we think blogging is important to medievalists, the value of anonymous blogging, and the uses of blogging in terms of scholarship and pedagogy. The observations made included the following, in no particular order, and without attribution: We all appear to find value in the existence and contributions of anonymous…

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    Gift Music Meme

    This is the first meme I’ve created; I’d been thinking about it for a while, and with help and collusion from my friend MacAllister Stone, I think I’ve figured out how it might work. Won’t you play too? The purpose of this meme is to gift a friend with a single song you’ve chosen from the iTunes store, and to have the friend blog about the song, and, if they like tag one or more of their friends. You have to have Apple’s free iTunes software for Mac or Windows to use the iTunes store. Pick one or more of your friends who listens to digital music; preferably someone who…

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    The First Annual Kalamazoo Bloggers’ Guild Meeting: What Say Ye?

    Dr. V and Ancrene Wiseass are beginning to plan the First Annual Kalamazoo Bloggers’ Guild Meeting, but they’re running into some logistic difficulties and would like your input on several matters. To wit: If you’re thinking of coming, please let them know in the comments thread here. If you’re thinking of bringing a friend, colleague, significant other, familiar, or minion, please let them know that as well. We’d like to get a sense of how large the gathering will be. We’ve been told that it would be best to meet early in the conference so’s we can keep meeting and greeting over the weekend. This means we should probably aim…

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    Medievalist Bloggers at Kalamazoo

    Elizabeth Carnel (AKA Lisa), one of the prime movers behind the 41st International Congress on Medieval Studies at Kalamazoo, and Dr. Shana Worthen, also known as Owlfish (and keeper of the Medievalist Weblogs List), organized a panel on medievalist bloggers at this year’s Congress. Thanks to Elizabeth’s kind efforts, I was able to file the paperwork last summer, and I’ll be joining medievalist bloggers Elizabeth Carnell, Michael Drout, H. D. Miller, Richard Scott Nokes, Michael Tinkler, and Alison Walker to talk about medievalist blogging. The Medieval Congress at Kalamazoo is the only large academic conference I have ever heard people speak of positively; you don’t go to Kalamzoo to get…

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    Unlocked Wordhoard: A New Medievalist Blogger

    Welcome Professor Richard Nokes, of the Unlocked Woardhoard blog. Professor Nokes is another Anglo-Saxonist, which leads me to ask, somewhat querulously, where are all the Celtic bloggers? But truthfully, the more the merrier. Go take a look.

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    I’m sure you’ve noticed some changes in the links, over there on the left. Julius Caesar is, alas, on hiatus, though I suspect the real reason is that the Celts of Gaul proved more rebellious than he expected ;). The Spouse has begun to post regular snarky meta reviews of Entertainment Week, and my friend Glenn finally has a blog. Celtica Studica is doing a much better job than I am of posting about current Celtic archaeology. Last but not least, Kip Manley in City of Roses has taken traditional Celtic and fey lore and created a new urban fantasy serial.

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    A New Welsh Blog

    Earlier I linked to Morfablog, and just today, I’ve discovered Hogynorachub, another Welsh blog.

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    Turning On RSS in Blogger

    I’ve performed the requisite alchemical incantations required by Blogger Pro to create an .rss feed for this blog. You’ll find a link to the rss subscription URL over there on the left. If you want to do this yourself, the instructions are here. It’s actually pretty simple (Thanks Ev!).