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    John Donne Portrait Appeal Successful

    I posted about the National Gallery’s efforts to raise funds to purchase a fabulous portrait of John Donne. They raised the funds, and the future of the portrait is secured; you can read about it here. There’s also some more background about the painting here.

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    National Gallery John Donne Portrait Appeal

    There aren’t that many portraits of John Donne, and one of the best, the one you see here, has been in various private collections and less than accessible. This portrait was painted in Donne’s twenties, around the 1590s, the period when Jonson said “Donne wrote wrote all his best poetry,” the era in which we think most of the love poetry was written. The portrait was almost certainly done with Donne’s supervision. It’s Donne done as a melancholy lover, complete with disheveled and pricey expensive lace collars undone, and a Latin epigram. Donne is wearing an exceedingly romantic black floppy hat, and there’s a certain earnest directness to his gaze…