How Can I have my Publication Reviewed by you?

I’m quite happy to review books, CD-ROMs, and scholarly or documentary videos. I do request that the item to be reviewed is related to the subject matter of Celtic Studies Resources and my areas of expertise; that is, I’m willing to review works related to Celtic mythology, medieval literature (Welsh, Irish, Old English, Middle English, Old Norse, etc.), English Renaissance literature, or fantasy and science fiction that makes use of medieval folklore or Celtic myth. Contact me first via email at medievalistimage of an at to make sure that my site is an appropriate venue for a review and to arrange shipment.

If your book or item is an appropriate fit, I’ll review it (you can see typical reviews here), create a review page just for your item, and if it meets my criteria, list it in appropriate reading lists. My site is one of the most frequent results for Celtic studies, Celtic mythology and literature, and Celtic SF and Fantasy on most search engines, and I use appropriate meta data to encourage search engine listing. I also review technical books about the Internet, consumer computer applications, the Macintosh, blogs and blogging, and instructional technology on IT: Instructional Technology, my blog about instructional technology with a focus on teaching the humanities and the Macintosh.

My review process is very straight forward. I’ll be sure to let you know when I’ve received your work, and again when the review is online. Typically I’ll complete reviews within eight weeks of the time I receive an item, but a review may take longer. It depends on my current schedule. Feel free to email me if you have questions or concerns. My reviews are careful, detailed, and honest. I’m quite willing to consider reviewing your work, but you’ll note that I’m opinionated, and I may well suggest a more appropriate venue for a review than Celtic Studies Resources, particularly for works that are geared towards spirituality or Neo Paganism, or that are self-published.

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