Where Can I Find a Celtic Studies Program?

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I’ve found a few web sites for colleges and universities that offer Celtic studies or Celtic languages. Please send me the URL for schools or programs that aren’t listed here. There’s an old list someone else compiled a few years ago here you might want to check but first look at this list compiled by the National Association of Celtic Language Teachers.


The Centre for Celtic Studies
PO Box 327
Raymond Terrace, 2324,
New South Wales, AUSTRALIA

The Centre offers courses in Celtic languages including Welsh, Scots & Irish Gaelic, as well as courses in Celtic history and music. Some of the courses are available via remote learning. The emphasis appears to be on enrichment rather than completing academic degrees.

University of Sydney
Department of History
Celtic Studies.
New South Wales, Australia


St. Francis Xavier
Celtic Studies


Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies
School of Celtic Studies

Queens University Belfast
Celtic Studies

University of Cork
Faculty of Celtic Studies

United Kingdom

University of Aberdeen

Celtic Department

University of Edinburgh
Department of Celtic
19/20 George Square
Edinburgh, EH8 9LD
Fax: 0131 650 6536
Tel: 0131 650 3622

United States

Boston College Irish Studies Program

According to the brochure, “The Boston College Irish Studies Program explores the diversity of Irish culture through academic and performance activities at the university and through links with Irish universities and institutions in Dublin, Cork, Galway and Belfast. The program strives to present all perspectives on Irish social and intellectual life in order to illuminate the reality of the Irish cultural experience. It addresses those aspects of the Irish community that are unique and those that relate to the world community.”

Harvard University

Department of Celtic Languages and Literatures

Northern Kentucky University
Highland Heights
Anthropology Minor in Celtic Studies. Tuath an Ard Tíre Ardaí, the Celtic Studies Club is open to any NKU student with an interest in Celtic studies. Members do not have to be Celtic Studies minors. For more information, contact Dr. Michael J. Simonton.

University of California at Berkeley
Celtic Studies

The Celtic department has its own page.

University of Pennsylvania Department of English
Undergraduate Concentration in Celtic Studies


The University of Wales, Aberystwyth
The Department of Welsh at Aberystwyth has an honours degree program in Celtic Studies under the direction of Professor Patrick Sims-Williams, F.B.A. The program offers students the opportunity to study Irish as well as Welsh, and Scottish Gaelic and Breton may also be selected as options. The Celtic Studies degree course extends over four years. Students will usually study Irish or Breton abroad at one of the universities in Ireland and Brittany which are linked with Aberystwyth.

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