The Celtic Languages and Literatures

What are the Celtic languages?

Is Celtic pronounced “keltic” or “seltic”?

Where can I learn a Celtic language?

How can I teach myself Old Irish?

How can I teach myself Medieval Welsh?

What is the Book of Pheryllt?

Who is Taliesin?

What is the Best Celtic Computer?

What is the Mabinogion?

Why Don’t you Like Lady Charlotte Guest’s Mabinogion?


Celtic Studies Publications

What are some basic Celtic Studies Books to Begin with?

Where can I buy Celtic scholarly books?

Who Publishes Celtic Scholarly Books and Journals?

Where can I Find a Celtic Studies Program?

Are there any Celtic Studies Scholarly Organizations?

What Advice do you Have for Neo Pagan Authors?


Druids and Related Celtic Figures

What were Druids, Fili, and Bards?

Were there Women Druids?

Did the Druids and or the Celts build Stonehenge?

Did the Druids or Celts Perform Human Sacrifices?

Why did the Chicken Cross the Road?

Were the Druids Shaman?

How do you Make Chili?

Who is the Celtic Mother Goddess?

What are Bog Bodies?

What is Samain or Samhain?


About this Site and Other Miscellania

Why are you an Associate?

What’s a Digital Medievalist and who are you anyway?

What’s so Celtic about the Macintosh?

Might I Have My Book, CD-ROM, or Video Reviewed by You?

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