There are several conferences that specifically focus on Celtic studies, like The Annual University of California Celtic Studies Conference, the Annual Harvard Celtic Colloquium, the International Celtic Congress, and the Poznań Conference of Celtic Studies, for instance, among others. There are also meetings that are more generally Medieval in content, but that have many panels and papers that are relate to Celtic studies, like the International Congress on Medieval Studies at the University of Michigan in Kalamazoo, or the International Medieval Congress at Leeds, England. The Ulidia conference has been meeting regularly, though at different sites. In 2018, Ulidia is a joint meeting of the Ulster Cycle and Finn Cycle Conferences, at ​Sabhal Mòr Ostaig, Isle of Skye, ​13-17 June 2018. There are also often presentations and panels related to things Celtic at archaeological, linguistic and philological conventions, as well as at conventions about SF and Fantasy fiction. The following posts are about Celtic and Medieval studies in the context of calls for papers, presentations, and conferences.

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    Ériu Special Compilation Issue

    Ériu, a journal from the Royal Irish Academy, has published a special compilation issue in honor of the International Conference of Medievalists. The articles are all reprints, but they are some stellar reprints, and you can read them or download the .pdfs without a subscription to Ériu. The complete table of contents contains links to download .pdfs of the articles. Here are some that are particularly noteworthy: Calvert Watkins — “Sick-maintenance in Indo-European.” Donnchadh Ó Corráin. “The education of Diarmait Mac Murchada.” T.M. Charles-Edwards. “Early Irish Saints’ Cults and their Constituencies.” R. I. Best. “Notes on the script of Lebor na hUidre.”

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    Medieval Congress Kalamazoo 2009 Call for Papers

    <p>The 2009 Medieval Congress at Kalamazoo <a href=””>call for papers</a> is out. The 2009 Congress dates are May 7 through the 10th. The Web page is <a href=””>here</a>. </p>

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    About that “Dark Age for Medievalists” thing . . .

    Charlotte Allen has written an exceedingly silly article about this year’s Kalamazoo International Conference. Scott Nokes has a list of the various responses here. I want to draw attention to some aspects of the article that I think haven’t really received as much attention at they ought. Allen asserts that “One session was entirely devoted to medieval blogs, including a paper comparing the works of Geoffrey Chaucer to the blog “Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog.” This is interesting since not only was I there, but I liveblogged it. I know for a fact Ms. Allen wasn’t there, and didn’t even do a cursory Google check, because the paper about “Geoffrey…

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    “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight: Tolkien’s ‘game with rules’,

    I’ve posted my Kalamazoo paper “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight: Tolkien’s ‘game with rules’,” here, such as it is. There’s a handout, too! Technorati Tags:Gawain, Kalamazoo

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    Kalamazoo 2007 Schedule

    I’m off. I’ll present my paper “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight: Tolkien’s “game with rules” on Thursday morning, in the very first session. I’ll put the handout and my transcript up here after the fact. I’ll be at the medievalist Blogger breakfast on Friday, and participating in the Saturday 3:30 Weblogs and the Academy roundtable, in Sangren 2210. I’m hoping folks might be interested in adjourning to the Radisson bar post panel. Technorati Tags:kalamazoo

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    Kalamazoo 2007

    The 2007 International Congress on Medieval Studies takes place May 10–13, 2007 in Kalamzoo. And I’m going. I’m presenting a paper and participating in a panel discussion on blogging and pedagogy. You can still register, and the schedule of sessions with paper topics has been posted by the fabulous Elizabeth Carnell. This conference is both genuinely helpful in terms of scholarly information and network, and just plain fun; people are just plain nice at Kalamazoo, for the most part, and it’s a lovely campus and a well-run conference. Technorati Tags:Kalamazoo

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    CFP K’zoo 2007: Society for Hiberno-Latin Studies

    The Society’s session at the 2007 42nd International Congress on Medieval Studies at Kalamazoo, Michigan (May 10–13, 2007, “will include papers on all aspects of the Latin literature of medieval Ireland, its monolingual and bilingual texts and manuscripts,as well as one paper on an interdisciplinary topic.” Queries and abstracts by Sept. 15, 2006 should be addressed to Jean Rittmueller jeanritt at bellsouth. net. Technorati Tags:CFP

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    Weblog Roundtable at Kalamazoo 2006

    Shana Worthen did an excellent job of moderating the roundtable discussion, with fellow bloggers Elisabeth Carnell, Michael Drout, Richard Nokes, Michael Tinkler, Alison Tara Walker, (the moderator of the Medieval Studies Community), and me, as participants in a discussion that ranged over why we started blogging, why we blog now, what blogging offers that other forms of online interaction don’t, why we think blogging is important to medievalists, the value of anonymous blogging, and the uses of blogging in terms of scholarship and pedagogy. The observations made included the following, in no particular order, and without attribution: We all appear to find value in the existence and contributions of anonymous…

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    The First Annual Kalamazoo Bloggers’ Guild Meeting: What Say Ye?

    Dr. V and Ancrene Wiseass are beginning to plan the First Annual Kalamazoo Bloggers’ Guild Meeting, but they’re running into some logistic difficulties and would like your input on several matters. To wit: If you’re thinking of coming, please let them know in the comments thread here. If you’re thinking of bringing a friend, colleague, significant other, familiar, or minion, please let them know that as well. We’d like to get a sense of how large the gathering will be. We’ve been told that it would be best to meet early in the conference so’s we can keep meeting and greeting over the weekend. This means we should probably aim…

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    Digital Humanities Summer Institute June 19 to 23, 2006

    For the fifth summer, the University of Victoria is hosting a Summer Institute for Digital Humanities. A week long resideency program, the institute offers an opportunity to “discuss, to learn about, and to advance skills in new computing technologies influencing the work of those in the Arts, Humanities and Library communities.” A combination of seminars, lectures, and workshops, the Institute “brings together faculty, staff, and graduate student theorists, experimentalists, technologists, and administrators from different areas of the Arts, Humanities, Library and Archives communities and beyond to share ideas and methods, and to develop expertise in applying advanced technologies to activities that impact teaching, research, dissemination and preservation.” The curriculum has…

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