My name is Lisa L. Spangenberg, and this is my site. You can find my FTC statement and other site policy wank here. Celtic Studies Resources is a collection of links, bibliographies and reviews related to Celtic Studies, especially in the context of medieval Celtic literature and languages, Celtic archaeology and Celtic mythology, and a related blog called Scéla.

Since 1992 my personal business card has described me as a Digital Medievalist. It’s the best way I know to describe my training, my occupation, and my interests. You can read a long-winded explanation of what a digital medievalist is here.

I  started studying Medieval English literature as an undergraduate, and continued to emphasize things medieval and philological during graduate school, where I studied Medieval Irish and Welsh, among other dead languages. My doctoral dissertation The Games Fairies Play concerns medieval English and Celtic literatures (it’s about medieval fairies as Other, really). You can find my professional site here.

I tweet as @medievalist; feel free to follow me. I don’t tweet often, so don’t worry about being overwhelmed.  I have a Tumblr site I use to quickly link to Medieval and Early Modern resources. I write books about technology, especially about OSX, iOS and all things iPad. I also write about the intersections of technology, life, and culture at IT: Technology Language, and Culture. I am one of the people behind Floccinaucial. I’m a volunteer sys admin and moderator for Absolute Write, a vibrant and flourishing online forum and community for writers.

Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to comment.