How Clannad made Theme from Harry’s Game

Via The Guardian: How Clannad made Theme from Harry’s Game Dave Simplson interviews the band Clannad.

Pól Brennan, singer-songwriter

The Brennan and Duggan families were all born in the townland of Dobhar [Dore] in Donegal. The two Duggans were my mother’s younger brothers and contemporaries of ours. We formed the band in 1970 and called ourselves Clann as Dobhar, which is Gaelic for Family from Dore. A few years later, we just picked the “a” and the “d” and became Clannad. Gaelic was our traditional language, but was very marginalised back then. People told us we wouldn’t get anywhere singing in that language.

It’s an interesting interview, worth the time to read it.