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    Happy birthday Richard Scott Nokes!

    In honor of Professor Nokes‘ birthday, and given his interest in weasel blogging, I present the following: According to medieval bestiaries, with help from Pliny the Elder and Isidore of Seville, “the weasel conceives through the mouth and gives birth through the ear”—Isidore, after describing this genetic miracle, says it is false, but that didn’t stop John Davies from using it in a sonnet. John Davies of Hereford, Wittes Pilgrimage, Sonnet 29 Some say the Weezel-masculine doth gender With the Shee-Weezel only at the Eare And she her Burden at hir Mouth doth render; The like (sweet Love) doth in our love appear: For I (as Masculine) beget in Thee…

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    Muddles, Anonymity, and Scholars

    I note that the “muddled” site has this to say for itself: In response to a prior restraint order requested by a university close to government, this blog will be shut down. The owners and contributors will do their utmost to resist this form of censorship. Thank you for reading, and for the emails of support. In other words “The lurkers support me in email.” Yeah. Right. And I was expecting Godwin’s Law to appear in the next post, too . . . It’s terribly disillusioning to see that academics, scholars at the height of their profession, are just as idiotic and cowardly as the dweebs I deal with in my non-scholarly…

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    Medieval Summer Camp

    “I want you to paint your catapult! I want you to name your catapult! I want you to love your catapult!” instructed John Wineburg, director of the Medieval Survivor Tournament at Adventureland Day Camp.