I created the first version of my Web site, Celtic Studies Resources, on June 1st of 1997. I didn’t know any HTML, and the site was a few pages hosted at AOL. You can see what it used to look like, sort of, here. In 1999 Michael bought the domain for me, and I expanded the site quite a lot. Celtic Studies Resources is ten years old now, and this blog, started in January of 2002, is five.

Kalamazoo 2007 Schedule

I’m off. I’ll present my paper “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight: Tolkien’s “game with rules” on Thursday morning, in the very first session. I’ll put the handout and my transcript up here after the fact. I’ll be at the medievalist Blogger breakfast on Friday, and participating in the Saturday 3:30 Weblogs and the Academy roundtable, in Sangren 2210. I’m hoping folks might be interested in adjourning to the Radisson bar post panel.

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