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    CFP K’zoo 2007: Society for Hiberno-Latin Studies

    The Society’s session at the 2007 42nd International Congress on Medieval Studies at Kalamazoo, Michigan (May 10–13, 2007, “will include papers on all aspects of the Latin literature of medieval Ireland, its monolingual and bilingual texts and manuscripts,as well as one paper on an interdisciplinary topic.” Queries and abstracts by Sept. 15, 2006 should be addressed to Jean Rittmueller jeanritt at bellsouth. net. Technorati Tags:CFP Buy me a Coffee! If you find this post or this site interesting, and would like to see more, buy me a coffee. While I may actually buy coffee, I’ll probably buy books to review.

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    Welsh, Cyclists, and Bladder Disease

    A temporary sign on the side of the road at Barons Court roundabout between Penarth and Cardiff correctly reads “cyclists dismount” in English, but the Welsh translation, “llid y bledren dymchwelyd,” isn’t, actually, a translation. In fact, strictly speaking, it isn’t even Welsh, since the syntax is all wrong. Llid y bledren means “bladder disease,” while dymchwelyd means “return.” So, ignoring the syntax problem, the sign reads something like “Bladder disease [has] returned.” You can read the story and see a picture of the sign here.