Dictionary of Anglo-Noman Online

The Anglo-Norman Dictionary is now available on line, with no restrictions, (you don’t need a log in or proxy server) and at no charge.

The Dictionary is searchable in a variety of ways, including words in the in context quotations, by headwords/lemmas, and via the English glosses to quotations. Entries, where appropriate, are linked to the associated and developing corpus of Anglo-Norman Source Texts. The Anglo-Norman Dictionary currently includes:

  • A-F of the revised second edition
  • G-Z of the first edition

The new version of F, completed in 2005, is only available online, at the moment. A revision of G is in development and will be followed by H (in 2007).

Even if you’re otherwise uninterested in Anglo-Norman, if you’re a medievalist who works with Middle English, Old French, or medieval Irish texts, you would do well to read the essay that accompanies the Dictionary, Anglo-Norman: A Brief Introduction. The site includes a wealth of related materials, including some interesting Articles on Anglo-Norman Topics.

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