Digital Humanities Summer Institute June 19 to 23, 2006

For the fifth summer, the University of Victoria is hosting a Summer Institute for Digital Humanities. A week long resideency program, the institute offers an opportunity to “discuss, to learn about, and to advance skills in new computing technologies influencing the work of those in the Arts, Humanities and Library communities.” A combination of seminars, lectures, and workshops, the Institute “brings together faculty, staff, and graduate student theorists, experimentalists, technologists, and administrators from different areas of the Arts, Humanities, Library and Archives communities and beyond to share ideas and methods, and to develop expertise in applying advanced technologies to activities that impact teaching, research, dissemination and preservation.”

The curriculum has three levels, from beginning (an introduction to encoding digital texts using TEI guidelines and XML based DTDs) to an Advanced level, that emphasizes large project management. You can even apply for a scholarship.

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