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I’m [less] Ashamed

Washington, DC, Dec. 10 (UPI) — The inaugural committee for U.S. President George Bush is looking to raise more than $40 million — a record price tag for the event.

Washington Times

And then here’s what we’re spending on immediate quake and tsunami relief.

WASHINGTON : Two days after being criticised for not doing enough to aid in the Asian tsunami disaster relief effort, US President George Bush has announced a major American contribution.

US$35 million will be made available immediately, with more to follow in the days and months ahead.

Channel News Asia

If President Bush had any class, or any true decency, he would minimize the inauguration expenses and redirect the funds, and additional charitable donations from those who would have attended, to emergency relief funds for South East Asia.

“Compassionate conservative”—that’s code for “selfish hypocrite,” right?

Update 12/31/2004: According to the BBC:

The US plans to boost to $350m the funds being made available to help survivors of the Indian Ocean tsunami which claimed more than 124,000 lives.

It is a ten-fold increase on an initial pledge attacked by critics as meagre. It is also the largest pledge so far.

That’s more like it, especially if most of it is in real goods and money, and if it’s not just a loan, and if we actually do what we say, since we haven’t always been as good on delivering as promising.

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