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    I’m [less] Ashamed

    Washington, DC, Dec. 10 (UPI) — The inaugural committee for U.S. President George Bush is looking to raise more than $40 million — a record price tag for the event. Washington Times And then here’s what we’re spending on immediate quake and tsunami relief. WASHINGTON : Two days after being criticised for not doing enough to aid in the Asian tsunami disaster relief effort, US President George Bush has announced a major American contribution. US$35 million will be made available immediately, with more to follow in the days and months ahead. Channel News Asia If President Bush had any class, or any true decency, he would minimize the inauguration expenses…

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    Just a little Help: Tsunami Relief

    As best I can determine, any money you donate will go entirely to quake/tsunami relief. If you’d rather, you can donate to the Red Cross/Red Crescent via Amazon with a single click. The British Red Cross page, with a direct donation link is here. Oxfam UK is here. CNN has a list of sites from agencies accepting donations here. If you’re thinking of buying something from Amazon, do it via Crooked Timber; they’re donating all their Amazon commissions to relief. American Red Cross International Response Fund AmeriCares South Asia Earthquake Relief Fund Direct Relief International International Assistance Fund Médecins Sans Frontières International Tsunami Emergency Appeal Oxfam Asian Earthquake & Tsunami…

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    Ryse, hyrd-men heynd

    Angelus cantat «Gloria in excelsis»; postea dicat: A n g e l u s 920 Ryse, hyrd-men heynd, For now is he borne That shall take fro the feynd That Adam had lorne; That warloo to sheynd, 925 This nyght is he borne. God is made youre freynd Now at this morne, He behestys. At Bedlem go se 930 Ther lygys that fre In a cryb full poorely, Betwyx two bestys. ll. 920–932. Secunda Pastorum. The Wakefield Master. MS. HM 1, The Huntington Library, San Marino, California. c. 1450.

  • cropped section of the opening of Matthew, BL Cotton Nero f27r The Book of Lindisfarne

    Sóþlíce we gesáwon hys steorran on east-daéle

    1. Eornustlice ðá se Haélend ácenned wæs on Iudeiscre Bethleem, on ðæs cyninges dagum Herodes, ðá comon ða tungol-wítegen fram east-dæle to Hierusalem, 2. And cwaédon, Hwær ys se, Iudea cyning ðe ácenned ys? sóþlíce we gesáwon hys steorran on east-daéle, and we comon us him to ge-eadmédenne. 3. Ðá Herodes ðæt gehýrde ðá wearþ he gedréfed, and eal Hierosolim-waru mid him. 4. And ðá gegaderode Herodes ealle ealdras ðæra sacerda, and folces wríteras, and áxode, hwær Crist ácenned waére. 5. Ðá saédon hí him, On Iudeiscere Bethlem; wítodlíce ðus ys áwriten þurh ðone wítegan, 6. And ðú, Bethleem, Iudea land, wítodlíce ne eart ðú læstþ on Iuda ealdrum; of…

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    When Bad Things Happen to Good Writers, Or: Earthsea in Clorox

    Ursula Le Guin speaks out regarding the wretched Earthsea miniseries: To this they replied that the TV audience is much larger, and entirely different, and changes to a book’s story and characters were of no importance to them. Via Bill Higgins, in a Making Light comment thread, who also pointed me here.

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    Digital Medieval Manuscript Editions

    One of my very first interests in terms of computers and scholarship was the potential of digital editions; I wrote about it a bit in my “What’s a Digital Medievalist” page. On my static web site, I have a page on digitizing manuscripts, one on Celtic medieval manuscripts, and one on manuscripts in general. I’ve been bookmarking sites for a while, thinking I’d update those pages, but digital manuscript editions are fortunately increasingly common, and I’m pretty preoccupied right now. My current obsession, and the necessity of paying tuition fees, mean that I’m not going to be updating those pages until next year. Thanks to Del.icio.us, I’ve started accumulating links…