I know, y’all are heartbroken at the dearth of posts. Well, it’s like this:

I’m making lots of progress, lots of slow but steady progress, on the diss . . . the thing that shall not be named. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the university does not now, nor has it ever, offered me financial support (and no, being a T.A. is not “financial support.” It’s a professional apprenticeship, for me, and cheap labor, for them.) So I’m working as a technical editor, and doing a variety of other kinds of writing-for-money, so I can pay my registration fees (which I must pay if I want access to university faculty or the libraries) and my filing fee. Writing for money and writing the . . . you know, pretty much eats up both the time and the desire to post.

But there’s lots of other Really Good Stuff for y’all to read. Take a look on the left there, those people are much more interesting. And you are following Cassini’s journey to Saturn, right?

If I had time, I’d write an entertaining and illuminating post about this manuscript fragment. Those of you familiar with the general thematic trend of similar images already know All your base are belong to us.