Celtic Web Resources

I’m not trying to list every single Celtic site on the net. These are just some that I find interesting, and that tend to be maintained. If there’s a really good one I’ve missed, let me know.

General Celtic Resources

Celtic Site Collections and Indices

Celtic Book and Scholarly Journal Publishers

Celtic Studies Organizations

Celtic Mailing Lists and Discussion Groups and Blogs

Celtic Languages and Cultures

Breton Language and Culture

Cornish Language and Culture

Gaulish Language and Artifacts

Modern Irish Language and Literature

Medieval Irish Language and Literature

Manx Language and Literature

Scottish and Gaelic Languages and Cultures

Welsh Language and Literature

Celtic Arts and Archaeology

Arthurian Resources

Celtic Art

Celtic Archaeology

Celtic Style Fonts

Celtic Web Art

Medieval Celtic Manuscripts

Modern Celtic Pagans

Traditional Celtic Music

Other Neat Sites I Really Like

Medieval Manuscripts

Other Neat Sites I Really Like

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